Here are some projects I am offering with start dates beginning in February 2022. This time around I am focusing on blackwork. Each design will be done only once. I welcome all bodies, all colors and kinds of skin, all identities (please let me know your pronouns), and all ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Scars of any kind (self harm or mastectomy included), clients who are informed and comfortable with my process, first timers, experienced clients, and other tattooers. Each of these designs will be multiple sessions and sized to fit your body properly. The link to book can be found below each description. Once you have arrived at my calendar, scroll to February for available dates. Please remember to leave the name of the tattoo you are booking in the appointment notes section.

Butterfly garden

The palette of this floral and butterfly back piece will be black and gray with a combination of soft shading and stippling. This design will work well on any skin tone with very little adjusting. There is also room to grow, continuing down the arm or leg, wherever it feels right.

This design needs plenty of open space. Other possible placement could include a the side of a large thigh.


This symmetrical acanthus design will be done in blackwork on the chest only. I welcome all body types and skin tones however I would prefer this one on a flatter chest.

twiggy flowers

The organic flow of this twiggy floral swag was designed for the upper back. Various types of wildflowers are tucked between the sticks and twigs accented with tiny leaved throughout. This is another black and gray piece that will be done with both subtle shading and stippling.


Elegant roses support this little unseen spiders home. I love the antique vibe of this one so much! Black and gray with soft shading and stippling, sized to fit your back. Once again, this piece needs a large open space to work with. I may be able to sneak in a small cover up or two so please email me before booking if you have any questions