The books are currently closed.

Due to Covid-19 all scheduled appointments are being moved to a later date.
Once it’s been confirmed that tattoo studios can operate again I will be able reschedule existing appointments. After everyone that booked with me prior to the pandemic have chosen their rescheduled dates I will be able to open the books for new clients/appointments.
Thank you for your patience in this trying time, I hope you and your families are well 💜

the next round of booking Tba

Join the email list for priority booking. Announcements via email will be sent out before the books open to the general public giving you preference of available appointment dates and times. This private booking session will last 72 hours giving each person on the list a chance to get their submission in. Please remember to make sure your email host knows I’m not spam! By adding your name to the email list, I know this information is being received by those most interested.

 Appointments are booked quarterly. The custom design request form will be live on the website and announced via social media whenever books are open. The form will be taken down once an adequate number of submissions have been received. Since there are always more submissions than available time slots, projects that take preference are nature themes, botanicals, birds and ornamental blackwork designs.