Available Projects

Flash designs

The designs below are available to book anytime by clicking this LINK. On each picture you will see which option to choose when booking *PLEASE REMEMBER* leave the design code letter in the appointment notes section!All designs are approximately 3 to 6 inches tall. I can make any design larger but definitely not smaller due to the detail. If you would like one of these sized up just let me know in the appointment notes section as well so I know if we need to block off more time to complete your tattoo! Prices shown are for the size offered with no changes, making a design larger or adding color (on pieces that were not designed for color) will increase the price. I will only be tattooing these on arms, legs or backs. Options for color or just black will be listed in the description. Thank you so much!


* please note! I am booking these now with appointments slots beginning in July. Once a design has been claimed it will no longer be available. When you click the link to schedule, you must scroll to April to choose a spot! I’m sorry about the wait time but my books are full through the end of March. Once booked, I will contact you if I have a cancellation to see if you want to get in earlier!

Below are projects I am madly passionate about! These designs are meant to fit the body organically. Some of these designs have the potential for a small cover up or two, if this is something you are considering please email me at taramorgantattoo@gmail.com to discuss options. Please include a picture of the area to be tattooed in your email. I am open to small modifications to both fit your body better or to conceal an old, unwanted tattoo. I will tattoo over any kind of scar as well. All skin types are welcome!
To claim your design, please follow this LINK to book and remember to put the design description and location on your body where you would like the tattoo in the appointment notes section. All of these designs are multiple session projects, each session will be 2 to 3 hours long. I do not do marathon sessions of over 3 hours as I have found it to be much kinder to my body and yours as well! Your deposit will be applied at your last session. Designs will be sized to fit your body properly. The number of sessions required to complete your tattoo depends on the size of the tattoo and amount of detail involved in the project you choose.

Thank you so much, I am so excited about these!

color ornamental flowers 3

I’m open to different colored flowers on this piece, this is just an example! I do love the blues though 🙂 Placement on front or back of a thigh or calf/shin would be great too! When BOOKING choose option D

Ornamental floral with black BACKGROUND

This design would be good for a few different places, front or back center of thigh, a larger sized bicep, shin or calf and back as shown in the pictures. There are also a few different color schemes to choose! Either blues and greens, muted pinks and greens or purples, let me know which colors you want in the appointment notes section. I will size this to fit the area you want tattooed so it fits you perfectly! When BOOKING choose option D

Apples & monarch

Apples, blossoms, a Monarch butterfly and caterpillar! This one will be about A4 sized and good for a leg, upper arm or back. Multiple session at $300 per session. When BOOKING choose option D

Color Ornamental floral

I guess you can tell, I LOVE blues and purples 😊 this design is made for vertical areas as shown in the placement suggestion pictures. Shins are welcome and the lower arm as well! When BOOKING choose option D


A trio of irises for the lower leg, this can be placed on the front back or side of the calf/shin area.
This will be sized to fit your leg and will take two sessions. When BOOKING choose option D

atlas moth

Vintage atlas moth! Placement photos are just suggestions, where would you put this? Approx 7 inches across. Multiple session, When BOOKING choose option D

fern frond

An elegant fern frond for either the leg or arm. This design is approximately 9 inches tall and will take two sessions. the green on my monitor looks kind of bright but i plan on doing this one in a deep earthy green, not bright. I’m not sure how it looks on your screen so i just wanted to clarify that 🙂 When BOOKING choose option D

great horned owl

The Great Horned Owl is one of my favorites! With intense eyes and a dignified presence, the owl has symbolic meaning of intuition, wisdom and transformation. Some people believe when you are lucky enough to spot a great horned owl it signifies there will be a great change or transition coming into your life. This project will be done in black and gray only, either on the thigh or back due to its size. I’m estimating this project to be 2-3 sessions. When BOOKING choose option D

pointillism 1

Both elegant and delicate, this piece can be placed on the arm or lower leg. In some cases it can also work as a background space filler. Minimum height 7ish inches but can be made larger if needed. When BOOKING please choose option C

Cute little chickadee

Such a cutie! Black and gray with stippling, about 8ish inches tall. Upper arm, back or leg placement 🙂 When BOOKING please choose option C