Black Dragon Tattoo Company is a female owned and operated, appointment only tattoo studio located on Main Street in Groton, New York. Using only vegan inks, soaps and stencil products, Black Dragon is committed to cruelty free/vegan practices. Our goal is to provide quality tattoos in a safe, welcoming environment free of judgement. Our artists blend art and creativity with modern safety standards and we are always striving explore new creative opportunities.

We happily serve Ithaca and Cortland NY and the surrounding communities. Located 10 minutes from Cortland and 20 minutes from Ithaca we have free and easily accessed parking.

Our experienced and professional staff occasionally includes guest artists and you will find the shop a truly warm, inviting space.

All tattooing is done by appointment only unless we are hosting a flash event in which it is a first come, first served walk in event. Follow us on social media to stay informed about upcoming flash days and artist proposed projects.

Thank you for choosing Black Dragon Tattoo Co. for your next tattoo, we look forward to working with you!